第九届固体废物管理与技术国际会议指导委员会评选15篇优秀论文,其中以下6篇文章被《Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management》期刊接受,发表在2015年第17卷第4期。

Y. Ren, S. Kang, J. Zhu

Mechanochemical degradation of hexachlorobenzene using Mg/Al2O3 as additive

X. Wang, D. Yue, K. Zhao, B.Han, T. Yang

Mitigation of Non-methane organic compounds through landfill soil cover and its environmental implications

X. Kong, J.Liu, M. Song, X. Wang, Z. Ni, X. Nie

Spatial and temporal variability of odorous VOC in a food waste treatment plant using hydrothermal hydrolysis and aerobic fermentation technology

H. Wu, H. Duan, J. Wang, T. Wang, X. Wang

Quantification of Carbon emission of construction waste by using streamlined LCA: a case study of Shenzhen, China

Y. Qian, S. Li, X. Chen

Synthesis and characterization of LDHs using Bayer red mud and its flame-retardant properties in EVA/LDHs composites

X. Tian, Y. Wu, Y. Gong, A. Agyeiwaa, T. Zuo

Residents’ behavior, awareness, and willingness to pay for recycling scrap lead-acid battery in Beijing


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