The Eleventh International Conference on Waste Management and Technology was held in Beijing.
      The Eleventh International Conference on Waste Management and Technology (ICWMT 11) was held in Beijing from 21st to 24th on October, 2016. More than 450 participants from the governments, universities, research institutes and industrial enterprises of 27 countries and regions attended the conference. 
    The conference was hosted by Tsinghua University, the Solid Waste and Chemicals Management Technology Center of Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) of China, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Stockholm Convention Regional Centre for Capacity-building and the Transfer of Technology in Asia and the Pacific, and was organized by Basel Convention Regional Centre for Asia and the Pacific, the Solid Waste Branch of Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences, the Solid Waste Management Research Institute of Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, Macau Environment Research Institute of Macau University of Science and Technology. Apart from that, ICWMT 11 was supported by the government organizations of five countries including MEP of China, Ministry of Climate Change of Pakistan, Ministry of Environment and Tourism of Mongolia, Ministry of Environment of Cambodia, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Laos. 
      Mr. Jinhui Li, who is the executive director of Basel Convention Regional Centre for Asia and the Pacific and the professor with the School of Environment of Tsinghua University, chaired the opening ceremony of the conference. Mr. Qiwen Qiu, who is the director of the Department of Soil Environmental Management of MEP of China, commissioned Ms. Jialing Zhang, who is the director of the Division of Solid Waste Management, to give the opening remarks. Meanwhile, Mr. Juan Fernando Caicedo Restrepo, who is the program officer of the Chemicals and Waste Branch of United Nations Environment Programme, also made a speech at the opening of the conference. Academician Xiangwan Du from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Director Jiang Ling from the Solid waste and Chemicals management Center,Ministry of Environmental Protection of China, Dean Yong Geng from the School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Programme Officer Shunichi Honda from the  International Environmental Technology Centre of UNEP, Academician Thomas Christensen from the Danish Academy of Sciences and Professor Remy Gourdon from the National Institute of Applied Sciences, Lyon gave keynote address during the conference. A total of more than 60 experts from different countries attended the conference. Forty-ninth reports were made during the plenary session and 25 reports were made during the parallel session of the conference. The topics cover global partnership on waste management, circular economy and sustainable development, municipal solid waste, electronic waste policy and management, biomass waste disposal and energy recovery, environmentally sound management of hazardous wastes, treatment and reuse of waste from social source and regional chemicals and waste management. 
    Three workshops were held in conjunction with the ICWMT 11, including the Recovery Processing of Discarded Electrical Appliances and Electronics & Used Product Identification Workshop, Seminar of Solid Waste Management in Macao and the Pearl River Delta Region and Seminar of Lead Based Paint Substitution and Lead Acid Batteries Recycling. In addition, field trips to companies that demonstrate the technologies of electronic waste dismantling and terminal treatment and of hazardous waste disposal and resource utilization were organized by the conference. The “Cooperation Agreement on the Development of Capacity Building for Hazardous Waste Co-processing” was signed between Basel Convention Regional Centre for Asia and the Pacific and Beijing Eco-island Science and Technology Co., Ltd during the conference. 
   After eleven years’ development, the international conference on waste management and technology is more and more recognized globally and has become one of the most important international conferences for the technical and academic exchange in the solid waste field. 
    Since 2005, ICWMT 11 aims to build an academic platform for the experts, researchers and industrial elites who work in the solid waste field to elaborate scientific concepts, present successful management experience of solid waste and to search for solutions for solid waste problems. 


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